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Our Story

Brass Rabbit Bespoke Mixology was born from a need for delicious, fresh, organic ready-made drinks that keep you out of the kitchen and in the action. No one wants to step away from their gathering to make a round of hand-crafted drinks! With Brass Rabbit cocktail kegs, you can have the signature cocktail you want at the pull of a lever!

Have an even bigger event in mind? We can work with you to dream up a signature cocktail for any event- whether it’s an intimate gathering of 6 or a wedding for 600! Skip the long bartending line during your cocktail hour, stay engaged with your guests, and keep the party going with a delicious scratch-made cocktail keg from Brass Rabbit. 

It’s as easy as Spike. Shake. Serve! 


I am a wife and mama of two, a son Carter who is 8 and a daughter Elle who is 8 months! I am a biomedical engineer by day, a crafter, and a Keller ISD PTA mom!

I don’t drink alcohol, which is a funny thing for a person that owns a cocktail business, but this means that my job is to ensure that every drink tastes amazing on its own as a mocktail even before it’s spiked! 

 I am a wife and mother to two daughters, Kennedy 21,

a Texas A & M Aggie. and Jacqueline who is 8.  Big gap and officially crazy!


 I am also a veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps and have been in the medical diagnostics sector for many years. 


I am very passionate about quality organic foods served to my family which is the same care and love going into to every Brass Rabbit cocktail keg.  I know you will appreciate and taste the difference.

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